• Through the Mining Opportunities Chapter, the company presents the existing mining investment opportunities in the country
  • This initiative was launched in a context where, due to the unquestionable geological potential of Argentina, its mineral deposits were placed in the spotlight of foreign capitals dedicated to mining. Nevertheless, significant differences (language, culture, social customs, regulations and procedures, among others) present multiple challenges when entering the Argentine mining industry.
  • Facing this commercial gap, the company introduced Mining Opportunities Chapter from the strategic position of “local player” that possesses the necessary knowledge and experience and manages all the factors mentioned above.
  • The objective of the Mining Opportunities Chapter is to promote the development of mining projects in Argentina, through strategic cooperations with international companies and/or investors seeking for mining opportunities in the country.
  • At the same time, the company holds the access to an extensive network that includes not only private companies, but also government agencies and local communities.
  • Another decisive asset of the company is the highly trained and qualified personnel on seeking and assessing projects and mining investment opportunities.
  • All these aspects positioned the company as the first-choice strategic partner of investors interested in mining opportunities in Argentina.