Field Hyperespectral Spectrophotometer

ASD FieldSpec Pro FR®

Satellite imagery and data can be combined with field information taken by portable spectrometers to effectively describe multiple surface variables in any area of interest. HytecAltoAmericas counts with several models and units of spectrophotometers to maximize field availability and warrant an efficient data collection, registering precise and accurate hyperspectral signatures. The processing and interpretation of such information is performed in laboratory with dedicated tools and years of experience backing our use of this technology.

General Features

  • Total net weight: 33 pounds / 15 kg
  • Autonomy: 8 hours
  • GPS diferencial: Trimble / OmniStar

Spectral and Spatial Features

  • Electromagnetic regions: Near ultraviolet, visible, near and shortwave infared
  • Spectral range: 350 to 2,500 nm
  • Spectral resolution: 2,151 bands
  • Bandwidth: 1.4 to 2 nm (nominal)
  • Dynamic range: 16-bit
  • Spatial resolution: 1 mrad