Airborne Multispectral Sensor

SMART SENSOR consists of a set of four high resolution cameras that capture data in the Visible and Near Infrared from the electromagnetic spectrum. It is mounted over a stabilization platform which compensates typical aeronautical yaw, roll and pitch in real time, preventing most of the geometric distortions generally perceived in aerial imagery.

This sensor is a great tool for environmental, agronomic, forestry, soil and cadastral studies.

General Features

  • Total net weight: 60 pounds / 27 kg
  • Autonomy: 5,000 images
  • GPS diferencial: Trimble / OmniStar
  • Magnetometer:  Honeywell HMR2,000
  • Stabilization platform: 3-axis, active

Spectral and Spatial Features

  • Electromagnetic regions: Visible and near infrared
  • Spectral range: 400 to 1,000 nm
  • Spectral resolution: 4 bands
  • Band centers: 452, 548, 676 and 780 nm (nominal)
  • Bandwidth: 20 nm (nominal)
  • Dynamic range: 12-bit
  • Frame size: 1,014 pixels x 1,009 lines
  • Spatial resolution: 0,25 to 4 meters/pixel