Gamma Spectroradiometer


This gamma radiospectrometer is the state-of-the-art in portable radiation search devices for the mining industry. The radiometer provides a direct lecture (in counts per unit of time) of the gamma radiation inside the total count window, while the spectrometer measures the full spectrum within the corresponding energetic range, and rates the counts falling inside limited ranges, centered on peaks for each of the radioelements of interest (potassium, uranium and thorium), thus allowing the determination of their relative abundances.

General Features

  • Total net weight: 4 pounds / 2 kg
  • Autonomy: 48 hours
  • GPS: Garmin Mobile 10x

Spectral Features

  • Electromagnetic region: Gamma rays
  • Spectral window: Total count
  • Energetic range: 0.30 to 2.82 MeV
  • Detectable radioisotopes: 40K, 214Bi (eU) and 208Tl (eTh)
  • Dynamic range: 16-bit